June 2015. True whitewall tires and more

Had my car fitted with expensive whitewalls rather than the fake sides that I’ve had for a couple of years. Those turned ugly quite quickly – over the summer. On my car the fake walls grinded themselves against the tire producing unwanted noise – and started to turn brown/orange on the edges after just a few month. What I got now is BRGoodrich 165×15 (80).

It was also time for toe-in adjustment and overall checking of the steering. My steering wheel was slightly off-center and that can be fixed at the same time – if not too far off. Happy with the result. An added bonus is that I finally have a a functional spare after many years crossing my fingers not to have a flat tire. At the shop:Skärmavbild 2015-07-02 kl. 00.00.15

Here’s the look of the old fake walls after 1.5 years – from an older post: http://www.wilhelmfrank.se/volvoWP/jan-2014-vita-dacksidor-har-gulnat/


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