July 2015. Gotland – Småland vacation

As usual we took the ferry to Gotland for some 10-days vacation or so. Car working perfectly all along. As I’ve had recent electrical problems I got myself a cigarette voltage meter which can be very handy. Found a good one on ebay.uk (quicker dispatch). As it turned out charging/battery is working just fine now. The trip itself was some 600-700 km’s in total but the car has gone something like 1000 kms flawlessly since the switch of the main ground cable between engine and body. Here’s the neat little Voltage meter. Very handy if you ask me.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-01 kl. 23.59.42

Lesson learned: my oldtimer dynamo provides good enough charge. At idle the voltage gets lower than charging voltage but unless you’re in a very long queue that is no problem. A alternator is possibly better but I will keep my for now. Voltage on idle is 12.1-5 depending on how warm the engine is. On the road it is usually 13.2-14.5V which is perfect. Before any start with everything off the voltage has been 12.6 constant which is absolutely fine. A continuously attached voltmeter can give you fever and it is a bit anal I understand but it can make you trust the basic electrics of any car. So my will go into the driver side left pocket under the dash.


So here’s the trip:

Skärmavbild 2015-08-02 kl. 00.02.34

And to finish off, one image from Gotland and one from Oskarshamn

Skärmavbild 2015-08-02 kl. 00.05.00


Skärmavbild 2015-08-02 kl. 00.06.48


  1. Hi there again.
    Interesting article on your blog, re the voltage meter, and of your Gotland- Smaland trip.
    Glad to read your car went so well.
    I will be setting off from the UK on our 15 day Scandinavian trip. I have taken the precaution to have a box of spares, which hopefully has been selected to provide a solution to the most likely problems. Fingers crossed I have no call to use, at all!
    I do have an alternator, so I hope charging would not be an issue.
    Roderick Groundes-Peace

  2. Hi Roderick, thank you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to and let me know if you pass Stockholm.

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