Dec 2015. Collage from the chassi.reg.


Karl-Eric Målberg work hard to get images into the chassi registry. It has turned into a great source of detailed information about the P1800 but also many images available for 100’s if not 1000’s of cars still running. At a summer meet in Taxinge close to Stockholm K-E sneaked around and took some images of …

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Sep 2015. Images from Montreal.

Skärmavbild 2015-09-18 kl. 22.54.44

There’s a lot of P1800-activity on Facebook where people ask questions and quickly get answers or suggestions on what to do. It has essentially replaced the old-style PHP-type of forums like it or not. In these groups a lot of images are posted from all around the world. Sometimes something …

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Sep 2015. Rosenhill car meet

Skärmavbild 2015-09-10 kl. 00.04.08

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Day started with fine weather. A MC-cafe 45 min drive south of Stockholm had announced a meet and me and a friend planned for a nice sunday trip. Mostly american cars just a few europeans among perhaps 60-70 cars. Then the rain came and many cars left. The upside was that it meant some …

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Aug 2015. Taxinge Volvo meet

DSC00753 1500

Some shots from Taxinge 40 km south west of Stockholm. The Volvo Amazon, 140 and P1800 clubs had a meet with possibly some 100-150 cars meeting up in a sunny day. Did not count but perhaps just above 30 P1800’s. Many more Amazons and less 140’s. Reds and one gray. My gray …

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