Aug 2015. A video from Eskilstuna Veterandag

Eskilstuna Veterandag (veteran day) is one of the large summer classic meets in this country. Eskilstuna is a town 1hr drive west from Stockholm. A large old grass airfield houses 1000+ cars. This year the P1800 club had an own hangar to display cars as seen in previous post. Here’s a (rather shaky) video from the hangar and outside, I think I counted 33 P1800. In all there were some more, some did not know about the hangar and parked in the fields, and some other had left and later some other came.

Please note: unfortunately this video wont work on tablets/phones, nor will work in Germany I am told. Reason is it includes an old Swedish cover of a well known song which was caught by the facebook algorithms limiting spread. Anyway, here it is: a walk among the cars.

Bonus shot, a B/W of my grille found in last post.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-31 kl. 00.34.17

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