Aug 2015. Taxinge Manor Volvo Meet

DSC00753 1500

Some shots from Taxinge 40 km south west of Stockholm. The Volvo Amazon, 140 and P1800 clubs had a meet with possibly some 100-150 cars meeting up in a sunny day. Did not count but perhaps just above 30 P1800’s. Many more Amazons and less 140’s. Reds and one gray. My gray …

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Aug 2015. Grille Badge part II.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-25 kl. 22.31.54

Wasn’t too happy about the Swedish P1800 club badge so I did not fit it. Maybe later. In the meanwhile I found a chromed RAC-badge. RAC was the major British rally since the 30’s, usually won by various British cars like Jaguars, Triumphs and once Aston Martin (1956). But starting in the 60’s …

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July 2015. Car inspection

Every second year oldtimers need to be tested for safety / roadworthiness etc – assume similar to the British MOT Test. July 2013 was my car’s last time and now it was time again. In this country vehicles from 1950 and older does not have to be tested at all. Cars older than …

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